Surj Uppal on Sponsorship and Event Marketing Strategies

Introducing Surj Uppal, the dynamic Head of Marketing for Fresh Slice Pizza, who brings to the CDM Summit a rich tapestry of insights into the world of marketing. Drawing from his vast experience with one of Canada’s favorite pizza chains, Surj delves into the compelling realm of sponsorships and events. Why are they such powerful tools in the modern marketing toolkit? How can brands maximize their impact through them? As Surj unravels the nuances of these strategies, attendees are bound to discover invaluable takeaways. Get ready for an enlightening session that promises to reshape your understanding of brand engagement and promotion.

Sponsoring events presents businesses with a potent avenue to effectively promote their brands and connect with a target audience in a meaningful way. By aligning their brand with events that resonate with their target demographic, businesses can enhance brand visibility and recognition. Sponsorships provide opportunities for brand exposure on event materials, such as banners and promotional materials, and can extend to online platforms and social media channels, multiplying the reach of the brand. Additionally, by supporting events that align with their values or industry, businesses can position themselves as community-oriented and industry leaders. The active participation in events, through product demos, workshops, or interactive displays, enables businesses to engage directly with event attendees, fostering a stronger connection and garnering valuable feedback. Overall, event sponsorships are a strategic tool for businesses to increase brand exposure, enhance credibility, and foster deeper connections with their target audience, ultimately contributing to brand growth and success.