Panel: The Role of Storytelling in Brand Building: Exploring how creators and marketers can use storytelling techniques to build compelling brand narratives and connect with audiences.

Zaida is a determined storyteller who is passionate about helping professionals and business owners in standing out by creating specific messages focused on value, quality, and flexibility. Her educational background gives her broad knowledge of the world of business, and she keeps on track with new trends in branding, marketing strategy, and the impact of technology on brand-consumer interactions.
She is a skilled professional with a background in International Business Management, Digital Marketing, and User Interface Design. Over the past 5 years, she has fine-tuned her expertise in market research, branding, web design, and content marketing. What sets Zaida apart is her unique ability to blend experience with a personable touch.
Beyond technical skills, Zaida excels in cultivating meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues. Her special approach involves simplifying complex business goals, creating compelling stories, and measurable results to improve a company’s image.