With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Supriya comes with a well-rounded background in B2B and B2C marketing. Having worked in several different industries, she found her calling in the B2B Lead and Demand Generation space and has been actively working with small to mid-size startups to set up and grow their lead-generation funnels. Her expertise lies in building Inbound marketing funnels that tie all aspects of digital marketing (content, paid, organic and email) in a way that is cohesive and user-friendly. Her philosophy with marketing has always been to look through the eyes of the persona and build marketing tactics that help them understand, evaluate and buy products that fit into their business needs.
How to Build a ROI-focused Inbound Marketing Strategy

The keynote will delve into the core components of a successful inbound marketing strategy, emphasizing the importance of creating content that resonates, employing SEO best practices, and harnessing the power of social media to foster organic growth. Attendees will learn how to align marketing efforts with customer needs and preferences, creating a seamless journey from awareness to action.

Beyond the basics, the presentation will explore advanced tactics for optimizing conversions and nurturing leads, ensuring that every element of the marketing funnel works efficiently towards the ultimate goal of driving ROI. Special attention will be given to the analysis and refinement phase, where data-driven insights become the key to continuous improvement and success.

This session promises to be an invaluable resource for marketers aiming to refine their inbound strategies with an eye on not only attracting leads but also converting them into loyal customers and brand advocates. By focusing on delivering value at every touchpoint, attendees will leave with a clear blueprint for building inbound marketing strategies that are not just effective but also ROI-focused and scalable.

Whether you’re looking to kickstart your inbound marketing efforts or elevate your existing strategy, “How to Build a ROI-focused Inbound Marketing Strategy” will provide the guidance and inspiration needed to achieve your marketing objectives efficiently and effectively.