Mark Funston is a dynamic leader and Growth Consultant renowned for his expertise in marketing, entrepreneurship, and content development. Over the last two decades, Mark has established a sought-after reputation for strategic advisors and operational excellence across diverse B2B and B2C industries, including the creator economy, enterprise SaaS solutions, AI, tourism, sports, healthcare, and journalism. Most recently as VP of Growth at RHEI, a world-leading company in AI solutions for the creator economy, he has played an integral role in a high-profile IPO, take-private transaction, and major global partnerships with industry giants such as the NBA, BMG, and HuffPost. Beyond his professional achievements, Mark is passionately committed to enacting positive social and environmental change. He has foundational and long-term involvement in FuturePLAY, NoPlaceLike, and G20 EMPOWER, where he has made substantial progress in advancing STEM education in BC, promoting global environmental sustainability, and championing women’s representation in leadership among G20 countries.