Laura Norup-Boyer, Founder and Director of BlackBean Marketing, brings extensive international experience from Switzerland to Asia, and now Canada, to the B2B marketing landscape in North America’s industrial sector.

With a Master’s in Political Science and a Diploma in Graphic Design, she leads her agency to innovate in digital marketing, emphasizing the human connection in B2B engagements. Recognized for her contributions with a finalist position for the Best Small Business Excellence Awards in Kelowna, BC, Laura’s current focus is on groundbreaking surveys in the chemical, mining, and heavy equipment industries. These projects aim to identify digital marketing opportunities, helping clients to secure a competitive edge and increase their market share.

The Foundations for B2B Marketing Success

In the fast-paced world of B2B marketing, understanding the foundational elements that drive success is more critical than ever. The keynote, “The Foundations for B2B Marketing Success” is a concentrated exploration into the essential strategies, insights, and philosophies that form the backbone of effective B2B marketing.

We delve into the art and science of B2B marketing, offering a panoramic view of what it takes to succeed in this unique arena. Our expert speaker will navigate through the complexities of developing meaningful business relationships, crafting messages that resonate with a professional audience, and leveraging the right mix of digital tools to connect, engage, and convert.

Rather than focusing on specific tactics, this keynote emphasizes the importance of a strategic approach that is adaptable, informed by deep market understanding, and aligned with overarching business objectives. We explore how effective B2B marketing is not just about reaching out to other businesses but connecting on a level that recognizes their challenges, needs, and aspirations.

Attendees will leave with a renewed perspective on B2B marketing, equipped with the principles that will help them think more strategically about their efforts. Whether you’re refining an existing strategy or laying the groundwork for new initiatives, “The Foundations for B2B Marketing Success” offers valuable insights in a concise format tailored for immediate impact.

Join us for this enlightening session that promises to reshape your approach to B2B marketing, setting the stage for success in today’s competitive business environment.