Jensen Kentel is a travel and lifestyle content creator based out of the beautiful Okanagan Valley!

As a content creator, she has built and scaled social media accounts to not only gain followers but build long lasting, engaged and connected online communities. Jensen is passionate about sharing her life and experiences and uses her unique voice to create impactful influencer campaigns for her clients. In short, she specializes in creating social media ad’s that don’t look like ad’s.
With her knowledge of the social media landscape, Jensen also works with small businesses as a social media consultant to strengthen and grow her clients online presence. Through comprehensive social media strategy, content creation and influencer campaign management, Jensen is passionate about bridging the gap between businesses and content creators to create social media success.
Panel Discussion: Content Creators Unleashed

Dive into the heart of creativity and strategy with our panel discussion, ‘Content Creators Unleashed.’ This session is a convergence of brilliant minds who excel in blending content creation with digital marketing prowess. Each panellist brings a unique perspective, drawing from their rich experiences as content architects and digital marketing strategists across diverse industries. They are not just creators; they are innovators who understand how to craft messages that resonate and engage on a profound level.

Our experts will peel back the layers of successful content strategy, offering insights into developing compelling narratives, leveraging analytics for content optimization, and navigating the ever-changing digital landscape to maintain relevance and audience engagement. This is an unparalleled opportunity to learn how storytelling meets data-driven decision-making to produce content that not only captures attention but also drives results.

Whether you’re an aspiring content creator, a digital marketing professional looking to elevate your content strategies, or someone passionate about the intersection of creativity and marketing, ‘Content Creators Unleashed’ will equip you with actionable insights and inspiration. Prepare to explore the synergy between content creation and digital marketing and how this powerful combination can be harnessed to achieve your goals and amplify your digital footprint.”

This version focuses on the dual expertise of the speakers in both content creation and digital marketing without specifying their roles as influencers or YouTubers, making it suitable for a professional audience.