EntheoTech (“ET”) delivers medically driven and personalized psychedelic therapy via its proprietary Odyssey Method in multidisciplinary clinics treating chronic pain and mental health conditions.

ET’s vision is to change societal views on medicine, health care and consciousness. Our treatments are grounded in cutting-edge science and the desire to heal and evolve our communities. Entheogens have been used around the world for millennia and are natural technologies. With scientific advancements, we can gain a deeper understanding of the power and efficacy of these wonderful tools. ET is focused on respecting and honouring these medicines while developing a gold standard of care.

Expanding Minds and Markets: Lessons from Psychedelics

In an era where innovation and mental wellness are at the forefront of societal progress, “Expanding Minds and Markets: Lessons from Psychedelics” presents a groundbreaking exploration into the intersection of psychedelics and business. Led by Fraser Johnston, CEO of EntheoTech, this keynote delves into the transformative power of psychedelic research and its burgeoning impact on industries and individual mindsets alike.

Johnston, leveraging his extensive experience and insight into the psychedelic space, offers a compelling narrative on how these substances are not only reshaping

our understanding of mental health and wellness but also creating new paradigms in business innovation and market expansion. This session will take attendees on a thought-provoking journey, highlighting the historical context of psychedelics, their recent resurgence in scientific research, and the ethical considerations for businesses entering this space.

Rather than presenting a conventional argument, Johnston invites the audience to consider the broader implications of psychedelics on creativity, problem-solving, and empathy within the workplace. He will share pioneering case studies where psychedelic principles have inspired innovative business strategies and fostered environments that prioritize mental health and holistic well-being.

“Expanding Minds and Markets” goes beyond the surface, offering insights into how the lessons learned from psychedelics can influence leadership styles, corporate culture, and, ultimately, market success. Johnston’s vision for the future includes a world where integrating psychedelic wisdom into our professional lives can lead to more compassionate, innovative, and sustainable business practices.

This keynote is a must-attend for anyone curious about the intersection of psychedelics and business, from entrepreneurs to executives and anyone in between. Join Fraser Johnston as he maps out the uncharted territories of the mind and market, revealing how the lessons from psychedelics can illuminate new paths to personal and professional growth.