PANEL: Trends and Predictions for Creators and Influencers
Eleni is a lifestyle, fashion and food creator from Vancouver, Canada. With her wealth of experience as a social media influencer, insights into content creation, PR, brand strategy and social media management all make her a valuable panelist for those seeking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of marketing. @muaeleni weaves visual stories that transcend the screen. Her content is a seamless blend of creativity and authenticity, creating a genuine connection with her audience. Every post is a visual feast, capturing the essence of her lifestyle. Outside of fashion, @muaeleni tantalizes taste buds with her culinary adventures. Her food content reflects a love for diverse flavors and a lovely eye for aesthetically pleasing presentations, with a specialization in reels and short form video. From affordable eats, local hidden gems, to Michelin Star restaurants, she invites her audience on a delicious journey!