Meet Chris Bingham, CDPTM – a graphic designer who is known for his bold and creative designs. With his vast experience in design, including teaching, art direction, and course development, Chris has become an expert in brand identity and logo design. He has worked with clients across diverse industries, ranging from agriculture to health insurance, and has helped them stand out in a world of visual clutter.

Chris is not just a designer but also a brand strategist who helps bridge the gap between marketing and design. He advises his clients on how to make an impact with their assets through carefully crafted campaign materials, web design, social media, packaging, and apparel. He believes that graphic design has the power to change people’s perceptions and bring the community together. Chris has proven this through his work in creating Design Day for GOOD to help non-profit organizations in Kelowna with a boost to their visual voice.

With his motto of BE BOLDER BY DESIGN, Chris challenges the status quo with his colourful branding that is difficult to ignore. He loves to break out all of the colours in the crayon box and use them in design projects that make people go, “Oooh!!!” He truly believes that good design has the ability to forge a stronger brand and turn customers into valued brand ambassadors by remembering to keep human emotional connection and empathy in the design process.