The Psychology of Sustainability in Business – A Fireside Chat with Brad, Founder of Pela and Lomi & Ester Pike, CEO of Fledge Solutions

Brad is a multifaceted entrepreneur with a rich journey marked by innovation, resilience, and a passion for social enterprise. Starting his entrepreneurial path at 16 by cutting wood, Brad bootstrapped a toy company from a basement condo in Canada, growing it into one of the country’s largest toy enterprises. Despite facing challenges like bankruptcy, Brad’s perseverance led him to co-found Tech 4 Kids, a venture that soared to over $60M in revenues, operating globally.

Brad’s business acumen shone again with the successful merger of Tech 4 Kids and The Bridge Direct, forming Basic Fun. This venture, responsible for iconic brands like Tonka and Care Bears, achieved nine-figure revenues. Post Basic Fun, Brad’s focus shifted towards social entrepreneurship. He co-founded Pela Case, introducing the world’s first compostable phone case, and later Lomi, pioneering smart waste technology with a groundbreaking $9.8M crowd-funded campaign.

Beyond business, Brad’s life is deeply rooted in faith, family, and a love for the outdoors. His guiding principle is his relationship with his Creator, and he treasures his over three-decade-long partnership with his wife, Kelly. Together, they raised two children, Bretton and Megan, instilling in them a zest for life’s adventures. An avid nature enthusiast, Brad finds solace and inspiration in the wilderness.

Brad’s journey, from childhood dreams to significant business milestones and a commitment to lifelong learning, embodies growth and service. His story is a testament to turning challenges into opportunities and using business as a force for good.